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Rural King Chick Days

Posted by Nathan Ryder On February - 24 - 2014

Now that spring is officially just around the corner, free entertainment for the kiddos has once again arrived at the local Rural King farm store. Baby chicks fill out a dozen or so water troughs at the back of the store this time of the year and dads, listen up! It is always a fabulous way to kill 30 minutes or so.

Fluffy chicks bask in the glow of heat lamps at the back of Rural Kings stores each spring. It’s a well-anticipated event in our household.

 Don’t forget the free hot popcorn and coffee inside the front door and you’ve got a built-in snack too. It’s almost as entertaining as heading to the movies and you drop a lot less cash in the process! Well, most of the time you do unless you come home with a box full of new furry creatures…

To make the event even better, Rural King has put together a coloring and activity book as well as Chick Days stickers so your kids can proudly proclaim they’ve came and seen the fluff balls before any of their friends. Now you understand the true meaning of status symbol at the Half-Acre Homestead.

Even if you can’t take home a baby chick, there are free coloring books and stickers for the littles.

We saw the first batch of chicks come into the store last weekend when we were out picking up chicken feed for our older egg-laying ladies but Sunday’s ad lured us back for more. Who can turn down 10 free chicks on Rural King rebate? You have until March 8 to score this deal and if you already have all of the chicken growing accessories like feeders, waterers, heat lamps, etc., all you need to worry about is a bag of chick starter and maybe you’ve already got that tucked away. We certainly couldn’t pass up the deal, especially with the expectation that we will be moving to bigger pastures sometime later this spring or early summer. The caveat on the free chicks is that you have to buy a minimum of 6 baby chicks and you have to pick from their selection of straight runs. That means they’re not sexed and you could end up with some roosters, which is ok in our book because we’ll just eat them.

Our darling daughter’s peer into the tubs of baby chicks with amazement at all the fluffy, feathery, peepy action.

We ended up bringing home a dozen chicks: 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 White Leghorns, 2 Black Sex Link, 3 Amberlinks, and 3 Golden Laced Wyandottes. That will certainly grow our flock of 3 Araucanas and 3 Rhode Island Reds and hopefully really step up our waning egg production this year. Or, we’ll end up with a freezer full of roosters by the end of the summer. Either one will be a benefit in our book.

Home at last! A dozen baby chicks made the trek home to the Half-Acre Homestead where they’ll be watched intently by the kiddos.

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