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Save printer ink with free Ecofont

Posted by Nathan Ryder On January - 19 - 2009

A creative communications company has developed a new, eco-friendly font that will help you use 20% less printer ink.  SPRANQ, a Dutch design firm, developed Ecofont to inform consumers about the impacts of their use of printer paper and ink.

Designers were convinced that a font could use less while ink while still maintaining a professional look and of course readability.  SPRANQ began testing and ended up choosing a design based on the Vera Sans font.  When Ecofont is printed at around size 9 or 10, you can’t even tell there are holes in the printed letters.  The new font also eliminated the use of dots on certain letters.

An example of what Ecofont looks like close up.

An example of what Ecofont looks like close up.

The best part about is that you can download Ecofont for free by clicking the link.  The company is soliciting donations if you feel inclined to support their cause for greener printing.

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  1. Rose says:

    We use cloth wipes and just put a little water from a spray or squirt bottle on each one as we use it. This seems to be the easiest, and cheapest, method to me. No special soaps or oils are really needed to clean a baby bum. We have some “wipes” that are actually baby wash cloths, and some that are flannel squares that a friend made us by by running a serger around the edges. Diaperswappers has a few threads with ideas too.
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